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Principal Blog 2018 03 05

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Principal Blog 2018 03 05

Only five more days until the start of March Break!  Time has certainly flown by!  I hope everyone enjoyed some well deserved rest this weekend.


Last Tuesday, 32 students travelled to Chicopee Ski Resort in Kitchener for a fantastic day of skiing.  With temperatures around 12 degrees, at times it seemed as though we were at the beach!  Thank you Ms. Schmidt, Mr. Haddad and Ms. Duncan for supervising the trip and providing a memory to last a lifetime!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the ‘Big Crunch’ last Thursday.  Our apples were provided by Tastebuds Hamilton.  A big thank you is extended to Student Council for organizing the event.

Fantastic Learning

Thank you to everyone for a very successful PD day on Friday.  I was impressed with the learning that took place between everyone at SJAM and Delta.  This opportunity helped to learn more from each other around teaching strategies, best practices and student engagement.  A special thank you is extended to members of Cabinet for helping to facilitate the learning during department time.

On Wednesday morning, the Math Continuous Learning and Improvement team met to look over diagnostic tests and begin to plan for upcoming lessons.  Thank you Ms. Seabrook, Mr. Bieksa, and Ms. Sudan for your help on the team!

Week ahead

On Wednesday, Ms. Allchin, Mr. Thomas and I will begin to discuss how the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test will be organized.  EQAO has changed the policy around accommodations with respect to extra time.  Students no longer need to be on an IEP to receive this accommodation, therefore we will be creating a flexible schedule to allow for all students to be successful.

The Skills Competition will be held this Thursday at Henderson for many different tech areas.  Thank you in advance to our Tech department for preparing our students for the event!  Good luck!

On Thursday, I will be attending the Principals’ Out of Catchment meeting where we discuss all requests made around the system.  This is part of the Out of Catchment process for all students wishing to attend a different school other than the one on their area in September.  More information can be found on the Out of Catchment webpage (https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/find/#tabs-112).

Have a phenomenal week!

Mr. Graham

Updated on Sunday, March 04, 2018.
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