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Deltaddenda 2018 02 26

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Deltaddenda 2018 02 26

Happy ‘almost spring’!  With the weather we just had over the weekend, it is hard to believe Spring isn’t for another 4 weeks!  I hope everyone had a chance to get outside for some fresh air!


Thank you to Ms. Wilson and Mr. Corey for working through all of our Grade 9 students to get their options in for next year!  Next up are the Grade 10s, 11s and 12s!  Please continue to excuse students as they choose their courses for next year and shape our timetable.

Fantastic Learning

Last Monday, I met with other Administrators and Math Department Heads, including Ms. Schmidt in order to discuss what has been working in our Math Continuous Learning and Improvement teams.  I found it useful to learn alongside other schools (and secretly pat ourselves on the back for the amazing things we are doing at Delta)!  We will continue to update you on where we are going as the year progresses.

On Tuesday night, the Transition Committee met once again at Delta to continue discussions around the closure of Delta/SJAM and the opening of the New North Secondary School.  We were able to discuss what we should consider in order to continue connections to community partnerships. Thank you Ms. Dywan, Ms. Klose, Ms. Bucci, and Mr. Haddad for your time during the meetings.

Congratulations to Ms. Dywan and Ms. Klose for delivering a summary of their leadership journey at the Leadership One presentation night last Wednesday.  Thank you for continuing to support the Delta community.  Both of their work focussed on facilitating information and input for the Transition to the New North Secondary School.  Thank you as well for inviting me to your celebration night!

The ‘We Help’ campaign kicked off last Friday for Mental Health leads and Administrators.  Delta hosted for all of the schools in Family of Schools 4.  We began to learn more about how schools can support students in times of need and how the system can support schools.  Thank you Ms. Cooper for continuing to support Delta and our Mental Health needs.

Weeks Ahead

Get ready to go skiing!  Close to 40 students will be set to ski on Tuesday at Chicopee resort in Kitchener.  Coincidently, I was at Chicopee on Sunday, and surprisingly, they still had snow!  With temperatures getting up to 12 degrees on Tuesday, remember to pack some sunscreen!  Thank you Ms. Schmidt, Mr. Haddad and Ms. Duncan for organizing the trip!

On Wednesday, the Math CLI team will meet for the first time this semester to begin looking at strategies to support students and how we can implement them.  Our focus will still be on Math facts (Integers and solving algebraic equations) as well as co-planning lessons.  Thank you Ms. Seabrook, Mr. Bieksa, Ms. Orban, Ms. Sudan and Ms. Schmidt for your help!

On Wednesday afternoon, I will be participating in an Internal Transition Meeting with SJAM’s Principal (Mr. Smith) to continue discussions regarding the New North Secondary School with Senior Managers of Facilities, Finance, and HR.  Sue Dunlop, our Superintendent, will facilitate the discussion to update everyone on how the transition has been going.

We are looking forward to March’s joint PD Day with SJAM this Friday!  This will continue to allow us to connect, network and learn from each other as we continue working through effective High Yield Strategies that are targeted at the learning needs we see in front of us.  Thank you to our dynamic staff who continue to learn from each other!!

Have an amazing week!

Mr. Graham

Updated on Sunday, February 25, 2018.
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