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Principal Blog 2018 01 08

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Principal Blog 2018 01 08

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a restful holiday season with family and friends!


Thank you to the amazing, talented and energetic duo of Ms. Nutter and Ms. Russell for their leadership and guidance during the annual Holiday Follies on the last day of school.  I was impressed with the high level of acting, writing and laughter that the show brought.  Thank you as well for including me in the show!  I loved it!

The turkey luncheon was outstanding!  Thank you Ms. Paduano, Ms. Luba, Ms. Suzy and the cafeteria students for preparing ALL of the turkeys and for organizing the packages of food for each homeroom table.  It was delicious!  Thank you as well to the following individuals for all of their contributions;

  • Ms. Dywan, Ms Halblander, and our Delta Art students for their fantastic Christmas art work which is displayed on the girls’ gym walls, helping to make it even more festive!
  • Our Delta caretaking staff for their assistance in bringing tables to the gym for today’s luncheon, and for the clean-up required,
  • Our office administrators for organizing and setting up the girls’ gym,
  • Ms. Greco and Ms. Laidlaw for rescheduling classes so that the gym would be free to set up the tables and chairs, and for support with the set up process
  • Thank you to Y108 and the Hamilton Bulldogs Foundation for their generous support in order to make today happen
  • Finally, thank you to all of our students and staff who make Delta an amazing place to show up to every day.  I am continually honoured to be able to share this day with all of you

Week Ahead

With January here, semester two staffing is well underway.  On Tuesday, I will be attending a Principals’ Staffing meeting .  This will set the stage for filling our remaining 19 long term occasional (LTO) lines.  If you have any questions, please connect with a member of the in-school staffing committee.

On Thursday, Ms. Wilson and Ms. Greco will be travelling to our feeder schools to begin to discuss option sheets.  This will be followed up with another visit in February to assist students when entering their options into Career Cruising.

HWDSB’s Director, Manny Figueiredo will be visiting Delta to tour the school, speak to students and staff, and pop into classrooms.  If you would like us to visit your classroom during timeframe three, please let me know so that we can stop by!


Caretaking has been busy prepping the bleachers in the lower gym.  They will be painting the floor and seats in order to freshen things up.  They were also able to strip and wax the cafeteria floor during the break.  Thank you to Mr. Tompa and the team for keeping the school looking great!

Have a great start to 2018!

Mr. Graham

Updated on Sunday, January 07, 2018.
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