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Tick Management

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Tick Management

Cootes’ students are fortunate to have access to incredible outdoor spaces both on our school grounds and at Churchill Park. Students use these spaces for recess, DPA, Physical Education, lunch clubs, cross country, track and field, Cootes Draws and as an outdoor classroom.

Students are reminded to wear running shoes, a hat, use sunscreen and stay well hydrated.  As Hamilton has been identified as a Lyme disease risk area, students returning from Churchill Park will be instructed to do a foot to head visual body scan to check for ticks.

Parents of young children are encouraged to do a more in depth check during the daily evening bath routine, paying careful attention to the scalp, ankles, armpits, groin, navel, behind the ears and knees. Older students should be reminded to check these areas during their daily shower.

For more information on tick management, please visit the following websites:




Updated on Tuesday, May 21, 2019.
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