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CLK Information Night April 2019

FWLT Information Night April 2019

Parent Lending Library
These books were purchased through a Parent Reaching Out Grant from the Ministry that was submitted by Collegiate Avenue School Council (2012 to 2013 school year).  The library consists of numerous books that were purchased to meet and support your needs as a parent.  Books are located in the Collegiate Avenue School Library.  Book titles available in the parent lending library are listed in the attachment below. When you are interested in signing out a book, write the title of the book in your child’s agenda.  Your child will sign the book out during their library period under their library card. Once you are finished reading a book please send it back with your child and it will be returned to the library. Enjoy this new resource that was designed for your use.
Please see the attachment for out book list.
parent lending library book list

Updated on Tuesday, March 19, 2019.
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