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Halloween Celebrations

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Halloween Celebrations

Hello Chedoke Families –

Halloween will be celebrated at Chedoke on Friday October 29, 2021. Students may choose to wear black and orange, or a Halloween Costume.

If students wear a Halloween Costume, they should come in it for the day, and can have clothes on underneath. If they do not want to stay in it for the whole day, they must be able to change out of the costume on their own, Chedoke Staff will not be helping with changing students out of their costumes.

All Halloween Costumes must be safe and appropriate to wear.  Nothing too scary or gruesome, no full masks, and no weapons. Nothing culturally inappropriate, no offensive and insensitive costumes, no weapons, no costume masks, no inappropriate images, etc.  Student costumes must be able to accommodate a face covering as per COVID requirements.

Classroom celebrations will be under the direction of the classroom teacher, keeping in mind COVID-19 protocols and safety. If teachers allow a celebration in the classroom, Students are welcome to bring their own ‘nut free’ treat bags to have during their classroom celebrations.

We will not be having a parade this year, outside or inside, due to respecting our COVID-19 protocols and ensuring we are keeping everyone in our community safe.

We would like to wish our Chedoke Community a happy and safe Halloween Weekend.

Updated on Monday, October 25, 2021.
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