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Self Assessment Tool for Principals and Vice-Principals

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The purpose of the Self Assessment Tool for Principals and Vice-Principals is to enable practicing school leaders to assess their practices with reference to the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to lead schools in the province of Ontario.  Derived from competencies and practices within the Ontario Leadership Framework (OLF), the approach is evidence-based, giving principals and vice-principals the opportunity to reflect upon and cite evidence of the experiences that have contributed to their leadership development. Using this self assessment as a starting point, principals and vice-principals can identify areas for growth as leaders and can give further thought and planning to the development of their Annual Growth Plan.  The purpose of this tool is to help to develop reflective practitioners who can lead schools towards achieving the three provincial education priorities of: high levels of student achievement; reduced gaps in student achievement; and increased public confidence in publicly funded education.

SAT for Principals and Vice-Principals

Electronic Version

Electronic Self Assessment Tools

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Updated on Wednesday, November 06, 2013.
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