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Update on School Excursions

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Update on School Excursions

With the lifting of provincial restrictions in schools, students can look forward to a gradual return of school excursions at both the elementary and secondary levels.  

 Day Excursions and Athletic Excursions 

As of April 4, day excursions with a curriculum focus tied to an assessment of learning expectations and athletic excursions as supported by HWDSB Athletics have resumed. These types of excursions support opportunities for students to achieve their potential and provide them with the opportunity to enrich their overall educational experience. 

Some examples of day excursions could include visits to a museum, trips to see live theatre or music performances, athletics tournaments in another city and more.  

Other Excursions 

At this time, overnight, out-of-province or higher risk activity excursions will remain paused. Staff are currently reviewing excursion expectations and requirements to ensure they are up to date after a two-year pause. This review is necessary to ensure any overnight, out-of-province or higher risk activity excursion would be impacted by existing COVID-19 protocols and restrictions outside of schools.  

We understand that students are looking forward to more opportunities to extend their learning outside of the classroom through various excursion opportunities and hope to share more information about these excursions in the coming weeks. 

Updated on Friday, April 22, 2022.
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