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Take Part in HWDSB’s Family Literacy Month

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Take Part in HWDSB’s Family Literacy Month

From May 2, schools will be celebrating HWDSB’s Family Literacy Month. This year’s theme, Learning in the Outdoors, aims to get students and their families outside as they engage in literacy activities while exploring the outdoors in their communities.  

Weekly activities designed for students from kindergarten to grade 2 will be posted online for schools or families to participate in throughout the month of May. All activities are based on the Five Essential Components of Reading and engage families in literacy activities while exploring their community. 

Spending time in nature provides many benefits for both bodies and minds. Families can make outdoor time a fun family learning activity all while strengthening your child’s literacy skills and promoting a love of reading. 

An overview of the weekly activities can be found on the Learn at Home page. Each PDF contains a link to our HWDSB Family Literacy Month activities hub, where educators will share more details about the weekly activities.  

Visit the Learn at Home page to check out this week’s activities.   

Updated on Wednesday, April 27, 2022.
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