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Social Work Week (March 7-13, 2022)

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Social Work Week (March 7-13, 2022)

Each year, the first week of March is Social Work Week in Ontario, a chance for us to celebrate the essential contributions of social workers in HWDSB school communities and across Canada.

The pandemic’s toll has underlined the importance and visibility of social work. The week’s 2022 theme #MoreThanEver speaks to the unprecedented need for mental health care and support across the province, and the vital role of social workers in ensuring mental health access for all Ontarians. We can learn more by exploring resources from the Ontario Association of Social Workers.

At HWDSB, social workers make a valuable contribution to student well-being and achievement every day. Social workers help our students by supporting mental well-being, leading therapeutic groups, addressing important social issues and so much more. More than 20,000 social workers are supporting Ontario clients, patients, individuals, families and communities.

You can see one example of the supports provided by social workers in this video explaining Emotion Coaching, a communication strategy that can help calm the brain and regulate emotions and behaviours. It involves validation and support.

Please join me in thanking social workers for all they do for our students, staff, families, and wider community.


John Bryant
Interim Director of Education

Updated on Monday, March 07, 2022.
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