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Serious Concerns Raised by Former Student Trustee

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Serious Concerns Raised by Former Student Trustee

Alex Johnstone, Chair of the Board, and Manny Figueiredo, Director of Education and Secretary of the Board, share the following statement with the community:

A former student trustee at HWDSB has brought forward serious concerns about racism and oppression.

As an educational institution, we are committed to taking action that builds a culture of equity and inclusion.

The concerns are deeply disturbing. We will immediately begin a third-party Code of Conduct investigation to understand and address all of the concerns raised.

We believe that it is vital to advance the work of equity and anti-racism. Anti-racism and anti-oppression training will continue to roll out in HWDSB for elected officials and staff in the 2020-21 school year, among many other actions.

As a Board, we are committed to receiving input and taking action to build positive and inclusive cultures in our schools, workplaces and communities.

Updated on Saturday, August 01, 2020.
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