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Return to School Confirmation, January 17

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Return to School Confirmation, January 17

January 12, 2022

Dear Families,

Ontario Government confirmed today that schools will return to in-person learning on Monday, January 17, 2022. The return to in-person learning is a positive step for the mental health, well-being and development of our children and youth.

Families have been asked to navigate several announcements and consume a lot of information recently as we plan for the return to school. We know this is a challenging time and we sincerely thank you for your understanding.

We know that some families remain concerned about the Omicron variant in our community. We are sharing information about remote learning options for elementary and secondary students. We are exploring a temporary remote (asynchronous) option for students and families based on our current resources. More information on this short-term virtual learning option will be shared by Friday.

Half-day Transition, Friday, January 14

All students will receive asynchronous learning activities during the afternoon of Friday, January 14, as staff prepare to return to schools for full in-person learning.

Students with pervasive special education needs, who are already learning in person, will receive transportation home at mid-day Friday. Families will receive confirmation of the transportation change before Friday.

Covid-19 Update for Families 

We know that many students and parents are eager to learn more about the return to in-person learning on Monday. HWDSB will be sharing the latest COVID-19 Update for Families on Thursday, January 13. We are committed to informing families as developments occur.

The COVID-19 Update for Families will include more details on public health measures, validation of screening, ventilation, and testing. We will also share details about devices, extra-curriculars, school operations, and more.


Dawn Danko, Chair of the Board

Manny Figueiredo, Director of Education

Updated on Thursday, January 13, 2022.
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