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Kindergarten at HWDSB: A Year in Review

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Kindergarten at HWDSB: A Year in Review

For many students, kindergarten is the first moment in their public education journeys. It is where children learn fundamental skills, knowledge, and lessons that they will build on throughout their lives. Education Week is the perfect opportunity to spotlight these first years of school.


It is always an honour when a family chooses to enroll a child in an HWDSB school. Our team of school staff is constantly encouraging young students to strive to reach their full potential. It is this level of dedication and commitment that makes kindergarten at HWDSB a wonderful place to learn and grow.

This unconventional school year has made it difficult for incoming kindergarten families to get a sense of what goes on in HWDSB kindergarten classrooms. Over the past seven months, kindergarten students have learned both remotely and in person. Even though the models have changed on numerous occasions, the valuable learning experiences have always continued.

We have compiled a list of social media moments from the 2020-21 school year to recap the year-in-kindergarten at HWDSB. You will see posts from the first days of school and end with learning taking place this current week! We have also included some parent/caregiver testimonials that speak to the wonderful work that our staff members are doing.

Take a trip down memory lane below and for more kindergarten information, including instructions on how to register, visit our webpage.

Year-In-Kindergarten at HWDSB

Parent/Caregiver Testimonials

 “We have been continually impressed by and grateful for the work that our child’s educators have poured in over the past two years. Our daughter has learned both academic and social skills while in kindergarten (both in-person and online): skills that she has built through interactions with her peers and educators while uncovering the kindergarten curriculum. Every day she is encouraged to explore topics that interest her and is shown how to relate it back to valuable foundational skills.”

– Madeline Van Impe (Van Impe family)

 “As a parent of a child in kindergarten, I am so grateful for the educators. They bring so much care to the classroom and have created a community for both students and parents. From the thoughtful days (i.e. Tricky Tuesday) to the vast array of play-based activities and outdoor exploration opportunities, every day is an adventure. I’m continuously impressed by the educators’ enthusiasm, both in-person and online, and the overall quality of education my son has received this year.”

– Katherine Scarrow

 “I am forever grateful my child is engaged, feels safe, and is developing incredible connections with his peers and educators—who have turned this learning community into a family that continues to support his confidence, independence and interest in learning. The educators seem to effortlessly shift and pivot, making a very difficult year still so positive and meaningful for these special little people. Even through the challenges, the classroom educators have continued to support families by providing so many wonderful learning opportunities at home.”

– Amanda Guyatt-Dunne

 “The abundant time outdoors has been a fantastic experience for our little explorer and challenges our family as a whole to be outside more. No matter the weather there is always something to learn about. The natural problem solving from everyday outdoor life has been a valuable tool for our child and we couldn’t be more excited to have our younger child have the same experience!”

– Amy Donais (Donais family)

 “We cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience in kindergarten! We’ve especially loved the focus on outdoor learning which provides an incredible environment for things like sensory engagement and problem solving all while building, creating, and having fun! There is such a strong sense of community through the classroom which has been so beneficial for both kids and parents alike during such a challenging pandemic year. We’ll be forever grateful for the feeling of belonging and constant support the educators give to each and every one of their students.”

– Michelle Lucas Larving

“For the past two year we have been struck by the way our son’s educators instill in the children a love of nature and the outdoors. He would come home from school and talk about tapping maple trees, building forts with old Christmas trees, releasing butterflies that they cared for since they were chrysalis, building snow castles and structures and a myriad of other activities that were engaging to the children’s bodies and minds. He always talked positively about his academic experience at the school but also about the social connections and friendships he developed while attending Kindergarten”.

– Gabriella Hildago Casanueva

“Carter’s year in kindergarten has made him so curious, passionate, and excited about the world around him. He comes home from school full of excitement with many stories about his day. His favourite experience during his time spent in school was getting to meet his class pet, the axolotl. Carter’s year in kindergarten has molded him into a brave, optimistic young boy. He has become more independent, improved in problem solving and conflict resolution and has gained confidence to continue to learn and take part in new activities. Carter has felt so comfortable and so supported by both of his educators, especially during these hard and challenging times.”

– Christina Furtado

Updated on Friday, May 07, 2021.
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