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Jamie Nunn Announced as Associate Director of School Improvement, Learning Services

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Jamie Nunn Announced as Associate Director of School Improvement, Learning Services

AD Jamie NunnExecutive Council is pleased to announce Jamie Nunn as Associate Director of School Improvement, Learning Services at HWDSB.

Jamie has been a dedicated educator and leader within HWDSB for over 20 years. He first became Vice-Principal at Westmount Secondary School in 2006, followed by another Vice-Principal role at Glendale Secondary School. Jamie was the Principal at Saltfleet District High School and Learning Services (South Cluster) before becoming a member of the Executive Council team in 2014.

Over the past nine years, Jamie has held a variety of senior leadership roles, including leading Leadership and Learning (Program) and Family of Schools 3 (including the Community and Continuing Education and System Alternative Education portfolios). Most recently, Jamie served as the Superintendent of Human Resource Services and Staff Well-Being.

Jamie is proud of his personal and professional commitment to advancing human rights, anti-racism, Indigenous sovereignty, and equity. For example, in his current role as the Superintendent of Human Resource Services, Jamie led the implementation of the 70 recommendations of the Employment Equity Audit Action Plan (including focused recruitment) to remove employment barriers for current staff and create conditions for future staff to seek employment in HWDSB.

As a trusted leader, Jamie brings a wealth of skills, experience and knowledge to this key leadership role of Associate Director of School Improvement. He will continue to serve HWDSB with integrity and compassion as he continues to nurture relationships he has built within our organization and throughout the Hamilton community to collaboratively bring the Multi-Year Strategic Plan to life. Jamie is deeply committed to continuing to identify and remove barriers for students to ensure their confidence, engagement and achievement excels within HWDSB classrooms and programs. Jamie is a proud graduate of HWDSB’s former Hill Park Secondary School. 

As Associate Director of School Improvement in the Learning Services division, Jamie will have oversight of the five Family of Schools, Program, and Specialized Services, among other roles. In addition, Jamie will collaborate with the Director of Education and the Associate Director of Business Services to deliver upon the priorities of the Multi-Year Strategic Plan.  

Please join HWDSB in welcoming Jamie Nunn in his new role as Associate Director of School Improvement, Learning Services, effective November 1.

Updated on Thursday, September 14, 2023.
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