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HWDSB Making Strides Toward Achievement Targets

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HWDSB Making Strides Toward Achievement Targets

Will take measures to ensure progress on early reading

Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) is closing in on some of its ambitious targets set in the wake of its new strategic directions.

After Trustees conducted the HWDSB Reimagined initiative, staff drew on five new priorities to develop goals, set targets and start implementing the strategies found in the new HWDSB Annual Plan.

This week’s Student Learning and Achievement report at Program Committee updated Trustees and the public on progress toward the targets set for this priority.


“We are definitely pleased that more students are graduating or are on track to graduate than in past years,” said Director of Education Manny Figueiredo.

The five-year graduation rate saw 80 per cent of students in the 2010-11 (staying in HWDSB) cohort finish high school, an improvement from a year prior thanks to the HWDSB program strategy, early leaver re-engagement approach and strong emphasis on learning enhanced through digital tools.

“We expect the upward trend in graduation results to continue and are confident we will meet our target of 82 per cent graduating from the 2012-13 cohort,” Figueiredo added.


Early reading is a key component of school success, and HWDSB staff aim to see at least three of four students to read proficiently by the end of Grade 1. Students are struggling to reach this target and staff will adopt a more intensified approach to addressing our reading goal.

HWDSB will redeploy 48 reading specialists to focus on Kindergarten to Grade 1, with a mandate to support educators with reading strategies and student-focused reading interventions.

“All schools will get support and those with higher needs will get extra help,” Figueiredo said.


Mathematics remains an area of attention, particularly in the elementary grades. Achievement results for grades 3 and 6 continued to trail the province in 2015/16; the gap narrowed by grade 9.

Staff are on-track to meet the annual plan target of at least 65 per cent of students achieving at or above provincial standard as measured by the 2016-17 EQAO.

HWDSB remains committed to professional learning and supports, as outlined in the HWDSB Math Strategy, to ensure that all students improve in math.

Part of the province’s Renewed Math Strategy is the identification of schools requiring additional or intensive support, based on past EQAO results. In all, 36 HWDSB schools will receive these extra supports – whether through enhanced educator learning and coaching, or direct help for leaders from a math facilitator.

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About HWDSB:
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Updated on Thursday, April 06, 2017.
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