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HWDSB Hosts Educators from India, Celebrates Empower™ Partnership

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HWDSB Hosts Educators from India, Celebrates Empower™ Partnership

HWDSB is pleased to be celebrating a 10-year partnership with Empower™ and The Hospital for Sick Children.

Empower™ Reading was developed by the Learning Disabilities Research Program at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, headed by Dr. Maureen Lovett. The research took place over 30 years and involved over 5,500 struggling readers from Canada and the United States.

The program uses the top research-proven instructional strategies for struggling readers. Its five decoding strategies give students the flexibility to read and spell.

Recently, HWDSB hosted educators from India implementing Empower™ at the Dr. Anjali Morris Education and Health Foundation (AMF) in Pune, India.

The Morris Foundation is a resource centre dedicated to helping students with learning disorders by offering assessments and remedial education assistance. The centre also trains teachers to identify students with learning disabilities and to modify classroom teaching to accommodate the learning needs of such students.

Pune has seen promising results so far with Empower™ Reading.  To support expansion, three AMF teachers visited HWDSB to learn about mentoring and training. Medha Pathak, Priyanka Chadchan and Prajajtka Phadake visited Dr. Davey, Mary Hopkins and Memorial (Stoney Creek) elementary schools.

The schools provided insight into effective program delivery and highlighted the commitment of HWDSB Learning Resource Teachers striving to help struggling readers and special education students.

Updated on Thursday, April 20, 2017.
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