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HWDSB Chair Responds to Ontario’s Education Investment Announcement

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HWDSB Chair Responds to Ontario’s Education Investment Announcement

On February 17, the Ontario Government announced the 2022-23 Grants for Student Needs (GSN). In a statement, Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board Chair, Dawn Danko, responds to the investments in education:

“Today, the Minister of Education announced the Grants for Student Needs, which establishes the 2022-23 funding for Ontario school boards. The timing of the announcement is appreciated as staff will use this information to continue developing our budget at HWDSB, which will be approved in June. 

Trustees will review these investments, including the new funding that will assist students with comprehensive tutoring supports.

 As we move through the COVID-19 pandemic, we welcome the investments to support learning recovery, strengthen reading intervention programs, expand experiential learning opportunities, and enhance mental health, resilience, and well-being support.”

Learn More:

Ontario Launches Largest Tutoring Support Program

Following two years of global learning disruption, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ontario government announced record funding for the 2022-23 school year. The funding will support learning recovery and mental health supports for students to enable them to return to a more normal school year next year.

Ontario’s Learning Recovery Action Plan for Students

Ontario has developed a Learning Recovery Action Plan that invests heavily in robust tutoring supports, and includes summer learning, a focus on reading, math and other foundational skills, as well as targeted initiatives intended to address unique barriers that some students may face.

Updated on Tuesday, February 22, 2022.
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