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How to complete the HWDSB Student Census

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How to complete the HWDSB Student Census

At HWDSB, we want students in every school to feel supported, included and respected.

To learn more about our students, starting today we are conducting a survey called We All Count: HWDSB Student Census 2021.

The census asks Grade 5 to 12 students to complete – or, families to complete with younger students – questions about who students are, including the languages they speak, their race, ethnicity, religion or spiritual affiliation, gender identity, sexual orientation, (dis)abilities, place of birth and citizenship/immigration status.

This information will help schools better understand students. The census will help each school be a safer place where all students find what they need. Many students, families, educators and community members helped create the census. It will help HWDSB make decisions, based on evidence, that support equity, student achievement and well-being.

ALL students are encouraged to complete the census so that our school board has an accurate picture of who our students are.

If students or families don’t understand a question, they can reach out to an educator for help. They can also find translations on our website hwdsb.info/census2021 or ask for a print copy by emailing census@hwdsb.on.ca

Answering questions about yourself can be uncomfortable. If students feel uncomfortable answering a question, they can skip it. If they are not sure of their answer, they can choose “I am not sure.” Students and families can even choose not to participate at all, even if they opt out after the April 30 opt-out deadline.

The census explains why the school board is asking each question and what it means. If a question makes a student upset and they want support, let the teacher or educator know. Staff can connect students with someone who can help such as a caring adult or social worker.

The census will take about 10-20 minutes to complete.

Click to view the surveys. (for information only)

Look for the email you have received with the subject line ‘We All Count: HWDSB Student Census.” Click on the link in the email and start completing your census.

Thank you.

Updated on Friday, April 30, 2021.
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