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Hamilton’s Templemead elementary school spreading happiness

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Hamilton’s Templemead elementary school spreading happiness

Templemead assembly

Teacher and “Happiness Ambassador” Kathleen Desloges talks to students during an assembly to mark International Day of Happiness and the creation of a Happy Wall at Templemead elementary school. March 20, 2018 – Staff/Metroland

By Gord Bowes, Hamilton Mountain News

Templemead students and staff have hundreds of reasons to be happy.

They showed why as they marked United Nations International Day of Happiness by tacking messages to a Happy Wall at the east Mountain elementary school.

Teacher and organizer Kathleen Desloges said the wall and an assembly March 20 fit into the school board’s promotion of positive culture and wellness.

During March, the students have been learning about learning about the science, physiology and psychology of happiness and practising being kind to others.

“We’re trying to teach kids and staff that we don’t have to fall back on old habits and respond negatively to things,” said Desloges, the school’s Happiness Ambassador.

She said everyone has a choice in how they respond to a situation and when you respond positively, you help your own physiology and reduce stress.

“We’re trying to get them to understand that the choices they make through communication not only affect people they are communicating with, but also themselves.”

Templemead’s Happy Wall measured 25 feet wide and seven feet tall. Families, staff and students were invited to view the wall and contribute to it by posting their own ‘happy acts’ cards.

Last year, the school made a gratitude wall and learned about the power of saying thank-you and being kind, said Desloges.

Updated on Thursday, March 22, 2018.
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