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COVID-19 Protocols Overview – Updated

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COVID-19 Protocols Overview – Updated

As HWDSB staff take a gradual approach to lifting COVID-19 measures where possible, staff at HWDSB are committed to updating the necessary protocols and information on our website.

COVID-19 protocols are internal documents that guide school operations in the areas of health measures, elementary schools, secondary schools, school offices, learning, specialized services, and more.

Families and community members can access the current COVID-19 Protocols Overview for our schools at www.hwdsb.on.ca/covid19.


  • Continued layers of protection: cohorts, screening, masking, hand hygiene and more.
  • Masking for all Kindergarten to Grade 12 students inside unless exempt or outdoors.
  • All individuals on school property (students, staff, and parents) must physically distance. Adults must wear a mask if within 2 meters.
  • Students who fail screening must stay home and follow screening guidance before returning to school.
  • Students who would otherwise fail the screening at school are separated from others until parent pickup.


  • Students cohorted in class, including recess, breaks outdoors, and Nutrition Break, except for small-group support.
  • Assigned classroom seating.
  • Hydration stations to fill personal water bottles; no drinking fountains.
  • Cohorts may use play structures, libraries, learning commons, gyms, and fitness rooms if distanced from other cohorts. Schools may begin to use shared indoor spaces with more than one cohort. Distancing between cohorts is required.
  • Athletics, clubs, and extra-curriculars resume with Ministry of Education guidance.
  • Paused field trips and in-person assemblies.


  • Students cohorted for classs and at lunch, except for small-group student support. Schools may begin to use shared indoor spaces like learning commons or gyms with more than one cohort. Distancing between cohorts is required.
  • Cafeteria food sales will resume. When students use the cafeteria, they will be cohorted by grade and maintain 2 meters of distance between cohorts. HEPA filters are in cafeterias.
  • Athletics, clubs, bands and choirs, and extra-curriculars resume with public health guidance.
  • Limited fundraising.




  • Co-op students must meet employer’s vaccination and safety requirements.
  • Dual credit students attending on Mohawk College’s campus must follow their vaccination and safety requirements.
  • Gym classes outside when possible. Masking is not required when playing high or low contact activities outdoors. For indoor sports, masking is required. Masks can be removed when actively participating in the activity and replaced when not participating.


  • Learning supports to help all students understand symptoms and hygiene.

If you have questions about COVID-19 protocols at HWDSB schools, please contact your principal.

Updated on Tuesday, February 22, 2022.
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