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Participate in the Board Improvement Check-In on Engage HWDSB

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Participate in the Board Improvement Check-In on Engage HWDSB

mysp overview from bip documentWhat are we doing? How are we doing?

We launched our new Multi-Year Strategic Plan and our Board Improvement Plan in January 2024. Since then, we have been implementing strategies to meet our goals and achieve our mission.

We know it has only been four months, but we want to check in with you at the end of every school year and at the start of the next one. It is important to describe our progress and direction, and provide an opportunity to hear your thoughts on how we are doing.

Click here to access the Board Improvement Check-In on Engage HWDSB.

As you know, the work we do is rooted in the mission of our new Multi-Year Strategic Plan:

  • Every student experiences a sense of belonging and engages in dynamic learning to reach their potential and build their own future. 

Guided by our values of CompassionDignityTrust and Joy, we have committed to these Board Improvement Plan goals:

  • Increase Literacy achievement for every student
  • Increase Numeracy achievement for every student
  • Improve Preparedness for the Future for every student
  • Improve Engagement for every student
  • Improve Well-Being for every student.

Our Strategic Directions that were developed in consultation with you, 0ur families and communities, shape the work. You told us how we need to do our work and we listened:

  • Upholding Human Rights, Safety & Well-Being
    • We will support all students and staff to feel safe and secure in our classrooms and school communities.
  • Providing Equitable Quality Education
    • We will offer equitable quality educational opportunities to improve student engagement, learning and achievement for future-readiness.
  • Collaborating with Students, Families & Communities
    • We will build reciprocal relationships and partnerships to enhance access and engagement for students, families, and communities.
  • Building a Sustainable Education System
    • We will adapt to a rapidly changing world through responsible fiscal management, investing equitably in accessible and sustainable facilities, and supporting a robust workforce.
  • Reinforcing Indigenous Educational Wellness & Reconciliation
    • We will honour our commitment to Truth and Reconciliation by nurturing respectful and reciprocal relationships among Indigenous Peoples and Treaty Partners, and by cultivating intergenerational healing and wellness in a restorative education system.

This is our update to you on our progress thus far. The detailed reports are in the “Important Links” section where you will find two progress reports to Trustees. We will provide you with updates every year as we continue to implement improvement strategies and work toward our goals and our mission. If you are interested in providing feedback, please do! We always want to hear from you.

Click here to access the Board Improvement Check-In on Engage HWDSB.

Updated on Monday, June 17, 2024.
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