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Adelaide Hoodless, Memorial City to see playgrounds revitalized

Posted on Thursday, September 07, 2017
Board and city at Memorial City event.

Board Chair Todd White and Councillor Matthew Green visit Memorial City with good news.

In co-ordination with City of Hamilton Councillor, Matthew Green (Ward 3), Adelaide Hoodless and Memorial City elementary schools will have their playgrounds revitalized for September 2018.

At Hoodless, the project is interrelated to the Green Venture Depave Paradise Project expected to be complete in October. The School Council has also applied for a grant to build an outdoor classroom to be included in the playground revitalization. Councillor Green is providing $150,000 from his Area Rating Funds and HWDSB is matching this amount for interior renovations.

Where funds permit, the new Adelaide Hoodless playground will include:

  • Relocation/reconfiguration of existing fencing to create more space within the boulevard for planting of city trees and the installation of tree gates, as required
  • Updates to the playground, including:
    • Basketball courts
    • Additional plantings and trees
    • Naturalized play areas
    • Pavement line painting
  • Possible installation of shade structures
  • Removal of existing deteriorated raised landscape planting beds
  • Addressing site lighting improvements
  • Addressing storm water management and drainage issues on site

At Memorial City, Councillor Green is also providing $150,000 in Area Rating Funds as HWDSB matches this for interior and exterior renovations. This is part of the HWDSB Elementary Facility Benchmark Strategy which will include Learning Commons renovations, a gym addition and other renewal work.

Memorial City’s playground revitalization will include, as funds permit):

  • Updates to the playground, including:
    • Naturalized play area
    • Refresh existing basketball court, complete with seating
    • If space permits, add an additional basketball court
    • New play structure, if funds permit
    • Asphalt re-paving
    • Pavement line painting
    • Track and long jump pit that can be covered
    • Additional plantings and trees
  • Possible installation of shade structures
  • Addressing site lighting improvements
  • An outdoor classroom area
  • More bike racks
  • Widen the community entrance and associated path
  • Shed for outdoor equipment
  • Trees around kindergarten play area
  • Additional trees around school