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Upcoming Parent & Parent/Child Workshops and Groups

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Upcoming Parent & Parent/Child Workshops and Groups

BG Families,


Please see the two brochures below for information on upcoming workshops and groups at McMaster.


CES Your Space Hamilton Sessions May – June 2021

MCH Community Education Service May and June 2021


TO REGISTER:  https://www.hamiltonhealthsciences.ca/mcmaster-childrens-hospital/patients-visitors/family-resources/



Here are a selection of some being offered (see the brochures above for more details):


kNOw Fear (6 weekly sessions)

Know fear is an Educational CBT based anxiety group for children ages 8-12 yrs. and their caregiver(s).


Anxiety in Children and Youth (1 hour session)

This workshop is an introduction for caregiver to understanding childhood anxiety. What you will learn: How it effects your child and different anxiety disorders and some basic coping strategies will be discussed.



Why Little Kids Worry (3-10yrs) (1 hour session)

This one session workshop helps caregivers to identify stressors and learn how they affect their child’s daily life. You will be introduced to some basic coping strategies appropriate to manage a young child’s stress.


Parenting Your Anxious Child (3 weekly – 60 minute Virtual sessions)

This course will review different childhood anxiety disorders, why children are anxious and how is effects them. Parents will learn how to deal with the anxious and sometimes disruptive behavior that gets in the way of everyday living.


Managing Routines (1 hour session)

This one session workshop will review the basics and benefits of developing consistent routines and how to best manage bedtime, homework and everyday routines. Visuals, organizational skills, pre-planning and transitions will be discussed.


Emotions in Motion – Big Emotions (1 hour session)

An introductory educational workshop for caregivers explaining some of the basics of emotional regulation and executive functioning and how this effects your child and teen.


Why Won’t They Listen? (1 hour session)

This one session workshop will review ways to increase your child’s cooperation and listening. You will learn effective ways of teaching your child how to manage their strong emotions and work collaboratively with them to find a new way to deal with behaviours and issues.


Managing Meltdowns (6- 18 yrs.) (4 weekly – 60 minute Virtual sessions)

This four session course focuses on collaborative problem solving to help defuse behaviours and improve communication. Whether you are dealing with explosive behaviours or a child that shuts down it can make parenting more difficult. Spirited temperaments, understanding what is behind the child’s behavior, coping strategies and two-way problem solving/communication will be reviewed.


How to Talk to Your Teen (60 minute Virtual session)

This will provide parents/caregivers some basic understanding of teen development, provide tools and strategies to improve parent/teen communication and work towards reducing conflict by establishing collaborative problem solving strategies.


If you have any questions, please email: COMMUNITYEDUCATIONSE@HHSC.CA

~ Ms. Wilson

Updated on Friday, March 12, 2021.
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