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All grade 10 students will be writing the literacy test over the course of two days, Wednesday April 12 (Session A) and Friday April 14 (Session B) in their homeroom classes from 10:15am – 11:30am.  

*If students do not have a homeroom, they are to write in the cafetorium.

**If students have an IEP, they are to write in the LLC if they have arranged with their learning resource teacher.

*** You have one hour to write the test but can have more time if needed.

What you need? Come to school with a FULLY CHARGED SCHOOL-ISSUED DEVICE (iPad or laptop). You need to have the Safe Exam Browser (SEB ) installed.

Accommodations? If you need to write at a later date – due to Ramadan or another religious observance, or a medical appointment, please contact your teacher.

The OSSLT is a graduation requirement. Students who are successful in Grade 10 will not need to write the test again. Students who are unsuccessful will have another chance next year. 

If you have questions or concerns please contact the VP Mr Grover (mgrover@hwdsb.on.ca) or Ms Samad (msamad@hwdsb.on.ca)

GRADE 11 & 12

Grade 11 & 12 students who have not passed the Literacy Test or fulfilled the requirement through the Literacy Course will write this week.  Students will write Session A on Tuesday March 28 and Session B on Thursday March 30.  Both sessions must be done to be considered complete.  Students will write in the cafeteria unless they have already made arrangements with Learning Resource to write in the Library.

Students observing Ramadan can arrange to write at the end of April.

If you have questions or concerns please contact the VP Mr Grover (mgrover@hwdsb.on.ca) or Ms Samad (msamad@hwdsb.on.ca)

Updated on Tuesday, April 11, 2023.
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