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Pizza Day

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PIZZA DAY – Pizza Days are suspended until further notice.

Due to rising costs, effective January 1, 2019, pizza slices will be $1.75 per slice.

Pizza Day will begin again Friday, October 5, 2018.

Pizza Day is normally every Friday.  Please note that Pizza Days that fall on a Friday PA Day will be held on Thursday, unless otherwise noted.

For Friday Pizza Days, orders and payments are due at NOON, on WEDNESDAY, NO EXCEPTIONS.

For Thursday Pizza Days, orders and payments are due at NOON, on TUESDAY, NO EXCEPTIONS.

School Cash online will be available for Pizza purchases starting with the first Friday in November.  Information regarding registering for School Cash online will be included in our October 2018 newsletter.  EXACT cash will continue to be accepted.

NOTE REGARDING ONLINE PAYMENTS:  A PIZZA ORDER FORM MUST be brought to the school by the due date indicating you have paid online and your online order confirmation.  Pizza orders will not be confirmed unless the order form is returned.


Updated on Tuesday, January 07, 2020.
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