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Helping Your Child

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There are numerous things one can do, as a parent/guardian, to support one’s child as they progress through the school system. As a child advances through Middle School, a parent/guardian can help facilitate their child reaching their potential. Here are a few suggestions…

  • create an environment in the home that encourages learning and a positive attitude towards school.
  •  ensure your home has a lot of reading materials available for your child: books, magazines and newspapers. Encourage your child to borrow books from the library and/or allow your child have access to appropriate websites on the internet.
  • model good habits for your child… if your child sees you reading a book, checking the news on the internet, or having a look at the local newspaper, they will be more likely to follow your example.
  • household routines can create a more productive environment in the home. Set times for meals, chores, TV viewing and internet use, for example.
  • set limits on the time your child can spend in front of the TV, playing video games etc.
  • show an interest in what your child does at school. Your encouragement and positive attitude towards their school activities will make them feel proud and successful.
  • discuss school life with your child; focus on the positive and talk to your child about how they can use the knowledge and social skills they learn in school later in life.

There are no quick-fix, easy solutions to parenting or to helping a young person reach their full potential. Some of these ideas and activities may work for you and your child, in conjunction with what you may be doing already.

Working together, we can help your child succeed and reach their potential.

Updated on Friday, February 14, 2020.
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