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Mental Health & Well Being

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Welcome to the Bellmoore Mental Health and Well Being section of our website!  Here you will find various resources to support your children, your family, and yourself!

Kids Have Stress Too Series!

For the next six weeks, you will find various resources from the two sources/links below.  We also understand that there is A LOT of information on these websites.  Each week, we will update each source/link with articles that we recommend you focus on for that week.  The title of the article(s) can be found below:

Source #1 – Every Mind Matters

Week 1 Focus on:  Stress and Your Child and Helping Stressed out Kids

Week 2: Focus on:  Your School Aged Child

Week 3: Focus on: Helping Kids Get Enough Sleep and Let’s Play and The Mental Benefits of Physical Activity

Week 4: Focus on: Focus on Self Esteem and Helping Children Flourish

Week 5: Focus on: Parenting Resilient Children

Week 6: Focus on: Raising Resilient Children and Supporting School Resiliency

Week 7: Focus on: Discipline Tips, Extremely Challenging Behaviours, Managing Screen time, and Yes You Can- Positive Disciplines for You and Your Child

Source #2 – Kids Have Stress Too Toolbox Activities

Week 1 Focus: My Child’s Life

Week 2: Focus on:  Stop, Look, Listen and Things that Upset or Stress Your Child

Week 3: Focus on: Quick Ways to Relax and Modeling Physical Activity

Week 4: Focus on: Taking Care of Me

Week 5: Focus on: The What If Game and My Two Voices

Week 6: Focus on: Problem Solving Tips for Parents  and Ways to Solve Problems

Week 7: No resources for this week.

Growing Together

The “Growing Together” booklet is a resource that is a Community Education Guide for Parents, Youth and Children that is published twice a year by McMaster Children’s Hospital.

It summarizes free resources available to families and it covers a variety of topics geared toward parenting, child development and mental health.

A copy is sent home each term, but is also available online.


A summary is also provided for all the Anxiety Resources from the guide Anxiety Resources Jan-Aug 2018 Growing Together.



Updated on Wednesday, February 21, 2018.
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