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COVID Attestation/Supports

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Please fill out the attached Return-to-School After Illness OR Self-Isolation Form (Covid Attestation Form) and email to bellmoor@hwdsb.on.ca or print off and send with child / ren on day of return.



Public Health COVID Decision Guides and Screening

Parents are asked to call School Messenger at 1-844-506-4350, use the SchoolMessenger app or the website go.schoolmessenger.ca to report all COVID-19 symptom related absences. Please refer to the Public Health Symptomatic Guides and Daily Screening Tool listed below for instructions for reporting COVID-19 symptoms:

Please see the following highlights from the latest HWDSB COVID-19 Update for Trustees:

Mental Health

COVID-19 continues to weigh heavily on our mental health. Student mental health and well-being supports, including access to social workers, are available. Learn more about treatment groups and other resources at www.hwdsb.on.ca/mentalhealth

Enhanced Public Health Measures

Daily Screening

Screening for COVID-19 symptoms and staying home if ill remain key strategies to reduce the risk and potential spread of COVID-19. Families must screen their children for COVID-19 every day before going to school/childcare.

Confirmed case communication

Parents and guardians will receive timely communication when there is a confirmed case associated with your child’s school. When there is a confirmed case, expect to hear terms like close or casual contacts. You may also be asked to have your child self-isolate; learn How to Self-Isolate.

Practices are being established and shared about Communications to expect after a confirmed case of COVID-19. Some include:

  • Students may be held back from dismissal should public health notify us about a confirmed case within this timeframe. Students will not be allowed to ride the school bus.
  • A school administrator will personally notify families of a close contact child. A School Messenger phone alert may be used if the call volume is more than one class and/or if the contact is late in the evening, in which case, a School Messenger call will be made.
  • Notification to the broader school community will be done through School Messenger as late as 9:30 p.m. or as early at 6:45 a.m. with a letter posted on the school website.
  • Multiple cases in a school does not always mean a school outbreak. Direction is provided by Hamilton Public Health Services in declaring an outbreak at a specific school location.
  • Private information or identifiers including grade, gender, names of confirmed cases will not be shared.

Close Contact At School

Close Contact At Work

School Boards Close and Casual Contact Assessment

My Child Has COVID Symptoms





Updated on Friday, December 11, 2020.
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