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It’s a Wrap!

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It’s a Wrap!

This has been quite a year and together we have made it to the end of June 2020! Thank you to our families for your support of our staff and students these past months in particular. We know it hasn’t been easy and do believe that we have learned a great deal through these unique circumstances that will help us all to enhance learning going forward.

As we wrap up the 2019-2020 School Year we say farewell to a couple staff who will be taking on new challenges next year, Mme Khan and Mr. Adeney. We thank them for their contributions to our school and wish them well. In addition we welcome Mrs. Keyte back and new to Balaclava are Mme Rock and Mr. Tudor. Our staff line up looks like this:

JSKA- Marshall/Miranda

JSKB – Wynne/Martin

JSKC – Pyper (half class)

1A – Mrs. Hrycenko

1/2A – Mrs. Moase

2A- Ms. Gilbank

3A- Mrs. Button

3/4A- Mrs. Cassidy

4/5A- Ms. Pirie

4/5B-Mrs. Roczniak

6A-Mrs. Keyte

6/7A- Mr. Ansty

7A – Mrs. Barrett

8A- Mrs. DeLong

8B – Mr. Hewitt

French – Mme Wright

French/Learning Commons- Mme Rock

Instrumental Music – Mr. Tudor

PE/H/D – Mr. Nicks

EA Team – Mrs. Sisler and Mrs. Wright

Office Admin – Mrs. Nelligan

Principal – Ms. Rizzo

We don’t yet know the specific details of what September reopening will look like – but for now, it’s summer! Summer always seems to pass quickly… be sure to make the most of it! There is something here for everyone… hopefully you can find one or two new ideas to explore as the circumstances in our province allow this summer:

Get or make your own road map, plan your route and mark it on the map

Collect brochures or make a list of all the things you can do close to home (as available)

Plan special snacks, add the ingredients to the grocery list

Keep a summer journal (or blog)

Organize a family book swap

Write post cards to friends and family

Start keeping a list of catchy signs or license plates–find a creative way to illustrate them

Write and illustrate your own book

Organize a scavenger hunt

Invent a new holiday, decide on its name, special food, purpose, songs, costumes, decorations etc.

Make a jigsaw puzzle from a picture you created and share it with a friend or family member

Create and play a new board game

Do a crossword puzzle (try it in French)

Keep track of how you change this summer (Record you height, weight, hair colour,

likes/dislikes on July 1st and again on August 31st)

Go to a museum or public library (as available and following safety precautions)

Set up a lemonade stand – or some other type of business that you are interested in and consider

making a donation to a worthy cause

Blow bubbles (just for fun)

Construct a model of a familiar place with household items

Do regular baking

Make a calendar to graph the weather

Keep a fitness chart, colouring in a square each time you do an activity (monitor your heart rate)

Plant a garden and look after it!

Take a traffic survey– keeping track of out of province cars, mobile homes, motorcycles

Practice basic number facts…how many can you answer in 1 minute, graph your results

Build (or assemble) a tent and plan a sleep out in the backyard

Make simple finger puppets and perform a play

Turn all the lights out, turn on a flashlight and tell camp stories (Not too gory J)

Sing familiar songs and accompany them with home-made musical instruments


At Balaclava, we appreciate our volunteers because:

They are special people

Who take time

And help whenever needed

With care beyond compare.

Thank you for your kindness

And all the things you do,

Balaclava is a better place

Because of volunteers like you!

Please know that you do make a difference!



On behalf of this year’s team we would like to extend our very best wishes to one and all for a

safe and enjoyable summer season. We will look forward to welcoming you all back on September8th 2020.

Please monitor HWDSB messages and social media for school re-opening plans. Stay safe and be well.


Updated on Monday, June 29, 2020.
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