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Ancaster High

Scholarship Information

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Ancaster High – Scholarship Information

Scholarships Assembly September 2019

Scholarship Summary – Big 6 for 2020-2021

University of Toronto Book Award/National Scholarship Application (2020-2021) Please e-mail Mr. Nicholson for the editable Word file (this is what needs to be submitted to him) at snichols@hwdsb.on.ca

Queens Chancellor’s Application (2020-2021)Please e-mail Mr. Nicholson for the editable Word file (this is what needs to be submitted to him) at snichols@hwdsb.on.ca

Western National Scholarship Ancaster High Nomination Application (Check back soon)

Schulich Leader Scholarship Nomination Application (Check back soon)

Applying for the Loran Scholars Foundation Award 2020-21


Scholarships by month : plan your for scholarship applications

Searching for Scholarship Opportunities

Hamilton Wentworth District School Board lists awards and scholarships that students may apply for or be nominated for.

Canadian Guidance Services has a complete line of information handbooks for scholarships and more.

eINFO website helps you search for university specific scholarships.

Academicinvest.com provides a list of scholarship opportunities and potential job opportunities.

SchoolFinder helps students find colleges, universities and scholarships that match their profile.

Yconic – students create a profile and helps alert them to potential scholarship opportunities.

ScholarshipsCanada allows students to create a profile, helps students create a financial plan and provides profiles of previous scholarship winners.

Ontario School Counsellor’s Association provides links to resources for scholarship opportunities.

Canada Student Loans information.

International Scholarships may be of interest if you are looking to attend college or university outside of Canada.

The Ontario Government has information for Ontario students attending school abroad and for international students attending Ontario schools.

Student Scholarships has information on scholarships and salaries for specific jobs.

Scholarships that Require an Application

Students are encouraged to apply for a number of scholarships to maximize their opportunities for receiving these awards. Students MUST read the criteria for each scholarship they wish to apply for and make sure they have a suitable background before applying.  Students are encouraged to look for scholarships from the universities they are applying to, as well as community/corporate sponsored scholarships which require applications. Students are reminded that many of these scholarships require letters of reference, which should be requested well in advance of due dates.

Scholarships which do not require an application – AUTOMATIC ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIPS

Some universities will award students “Entrance Scholarships” for having a particular average based on 6 grade 12 U/M courses from high school. It is important to know whether these Entrance Awards are based on grades at “Early Offer of Admission” time, or whether they are based on “Final Grades” from June. It is also important to find out if an Entrance Scholarship can change if the final June grades are higher or lower than those at the time an offer of admission was received. Each university or college will have their own policies on Entrance Awards, so check out this information with the institution you plan to attend.

Some of these entrance awards are renewable (money will be awarded each year of university or college if a particular average is maintained), while some are a one time offer. Check the individual universities’ websites to clarify the terms of Entrance Scholarships.

Updated on Thursday, October 03, 2019.
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