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COVID-19 Information

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Adapting to COVID-19 in Student Services

There will be many operational changes to the Student Services Department this year. We are still waiting for direction on how to proceed with some services our department provides.

Rotation #2 begins on October 13. Please read the message from Vice-Principal Ferney here.

The board’s official school reopening plan is here. Please see below for current information on how we are adapting.

Our school is divided into colour-coded zones to help students learn which is their assigned entrance/exit door and designated area of the school. Please review the map here.

**The City of Hamilton has announced that COVID-19 tests can be booked online**

Topics Covered on This Page

  1. Whole School Remote Orientation
  2. Revised Bell Times (Afternoon Virtual Classes)
  3. Parent Portal
  4. Appointments
  5. Parent/Caregiver Support for MS Teams and The Hub
  6. Night School
  7. Career Cruising
  8. Making Changes to Student Schedules
  9. Three Models for Students to Attend School This Year
  10. e-Learning Versus Remote Learning Clarification
  11. e-Learning Details
  12. Study Hall
  13. Co-operative Education
  14. Specialized Services (Resource)
  15. Applications to College and University
  16. Peer Tutoring
  17. Scholarships
  18. A Message from Mr. Varghese


This was moved to September 11. Please view the slide-show presentation here


The start and end times for afternoon virtual classes have changed slightly. See here for the new schedule.


Parents and guardians are asked to visit the Parent Portal, if the following applies:

  • Student Screening Declaration Form (Attestation): Screening for COVID-19 symptoms and remaining home is one of the strategies which support minimizing the risk and potential spread of COVID-19. Attestations, located in the Parent Portal, are mandatory for all students attending school in-person. This form must be completed and provided to the school by Tuesday, September 9, 2020 or your child will be denied access to attending school for safety reasons. Please contact your child’s school if you have any questions.
  • Student Mask Attestation Exception Form: This form in the Parent Portal, which will be available on Thursday, September 3, is for students who have underlying medical, developmental, sensory or mental health reasons which inhibits their ability to wear a non-medical mask. Exceptions are also for children unable to remove the mask without assistance or anyone who has trouble breathing in the manner.
  • Timetables and Cohort Information: Parents can access “My Schedule” located in the Parent Portal to find your child’s timetable and cohort information. Elementary families will not see current changes to timetabling information until the elementary staffing reorganization is complete. Final timetables for elementary students should be available by September 8, 2020. Please check back at that time and disregard the current timetable information in this section.
  • Study Hall Form: This form is available in the Parent Portal. Secondary students staying in their school for the afternoons for remote learning on the days they attend in the morning will need parental consent to indicate their option. Students will remain at school for remote learning (Instruction is still delivered remotely) or they will come home for remote learning. Safe Schools policy requires us to have parent consent on whether students will be leaving school or remaining for their remote learning.


Guidance appointments begin on September 28 and will be booked online only via Microsoft Bookings (link coming soon). All appointments will be held virtually  through MS Teams. Students will need to log into Teams via The Hub, and can join the meeting through a single click on their calendar.

Here is the parent/family guide to using MS Teams. It would be helpful to prepare for future guidance appointments by downloading this software to the home computer/laptop (something with a camera and microphone). It is okay to conduct voice-only meetings via MS Teams too.


  • Help with MS Teams is available here
  • Help with The HUB is available here


Night school is offered by HWDSB’s adult education division, called Continuing Education (CE). Course offerings and registration details will be available soon. Please note that CE has not offered this program in Semester One for many years due to low interest. Our advice is to prepare alternate plans for compulsory credits and not to risk waiting for night school.


Please avoid using Career Cruising for official school information (final grades and schedules). This information is static and only updated periodically.


The deadline to add new courses to Semester One schedules has passed. Please contact your guidance counsellor with concerns:


Model #1A – Adaptive Model

Students will attend in-person, based on their cohort designation (A or B) on either Monday/Wednesday and alternate Fridays or Tuesday/Thursday and alternate Fridays for 145 minutes and then be dismissed. This is the default choice for all students and there is no need to contact the school if this is the model you wish to follow.

Model #1B – Adaptive Model with Remote Learning

Same as above except students do not attend in-person and would continue with remote learning.

Model #2 – e-Learning via Ontario e-Learning Consortium (HWDSB is a Member)

Students take all classes online. Please review the online course list here and then log into The Hub and submit your schedule changes (in-class to e-Learning) here

Model #3

Some combination of Model #1A, 1B, and 2. Students must log into the Hub and submit schedule changes here


e-Learning Remote Learning
  • Students timetabled into an e-Learning class
  • All learning, instruction, communication, and assessment occurs through The HUB, possibly supplemented through Teams
  • Students timetabled into regular classes and placed in a cohort
  • Students do not attend on in-school days and are marked “excused absent”
  • Students access learning posted on The HUB and Teams
  • Students will not receive direct instruction from the teacher unless their teacher is using The HUB/Teams during the in-school day or they choose to attend school that day


If your student is taking e-Learning, their course may be offered by HWDSB or one of our partner boards in Ontario. HWDSB hosted a virtual information on September 2. Notes:


For students who are following Model #1A (Adaptive Model), the board wants to know if you plan to stay for the afternoon study hall. Please use the parent portal to communicate your preference.


  • UPDATE! News from the board:
    • System Programs that require Co-op placements can proceed (Building Careers from the Ground Up, Hamilton Healthcare Support, Ontario Public Service, and Level 1 Dual Credit OYAP programs)
    • All other placements continue to be paused
    • Pre-placement will be four weeks at this point and then placements will be revisited
    • Working at Heights not allowed because considered a trip, trainer may come to school but pending
    • Infection control and AODA training has been added to co-op
    • Onsite, virtual and blended placements are being explored
    • Pursuing afternoon co-op when the Period 3 rotation comes to in-person learning is still being discussed
    • Some students who might already be paid employees could pursue co-op
  • A note from Ms. Harrop to Students on September 8:

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to reach out and say welcome back to school. I know there are still many unknowns and details to get organized but we are on our way. A great place to find information is within the parent portal. In the portal you will have access to your timetable and the school schedule. I would encourage you to access that so you know when your co-op is as well as what cohort you are in. If you have any questions regarding your schedule please reach out to your guidance counsellor.

In terms of co-op morning students (periods 1 and 2) will be in class from September 16th to October on a rotating A/B schedule for pre-placement. We will be located in Computer Lab 222. There will be more information to follow in terms of protocols etc.

Afternoon co-op students will be doing pre-placement online through the Hub and MS teams starting September 14th. (more information to follow)

All day students may choose morning or afternoon but please let me know if you plan on attending in person in the AM so I can adjust the cohort accordingly.

As of today Co-op placements are on pause until October. This is quite normal as we usually spend the first few weeks of the semester doing pre-placement activities such as resumes, cover letters, health and safety, job skills etc.

I recognize that you are also wanting to get your placements in place as I am as well. I am hoping to get a little more information regarding co-op and the rotating schedule and will be reaching out to employers then. If you have a placement that you are speaking with now please let them know that placements are on pause and we hope to be starting placements in October. (date to be determined)

If you have any questions or information you feel I should know before classes begin please email me at tharrop@hwdsb.on.ca

If you could also email me just to say you received this that would be great as this will be our primary way of communicating this week.

If you are getting this and no longer in co-op please disregard.

It’s going to be a different year but a good one and I look forward to working with you all this semester.

Mrs. Harrop


  • Learning Resource support will be available to students during the morning 150 minute teaching block in their regular classrooms. Classroom teachers will be able to request support and a Learning Resource Teacher will visit the classroom to assist as needed.
  • At this time, students are to restrict travel outside of their regular classroom.  For this reason, there is no access to the Learning Resource Room during AM class time.
  • During the PM remote learning sessions, students may book virtual learning assistance if they have a work period or a specific assignment/task they need help with.  This virtual support would take place over Teams
  • Appointments can be booked by emailing dbaker@hwdsb.on.ca
  • As Public Health and Board protocols evolve, Learning Resource Teachers may be able to provide individual face-to-face support during remote learning time in an alternate setting like the Learning Resource Room/Learning Commons but this will not happen immediately
  • The Office Admin/Learning Resource team will be contacting the families of students in our self-contained classes and others we have identified as needing additional transition support in order to offer school visits on September 10th and 11th
  • Other students who wish an in-school orientation/tour should contact me ASAP.  Spaces are limited and priority will be given to students with specialized learning needs
  • Revision of IEPs, parent consultation and sharing of information with classroom teachers will continue normally.  Parents who have questions or concerns or wonder how specific accommodations will be implemented can contact me directly.


  • Applications to college will not be affected due to the pandemic. All tutorials will be held virtually. Dates and details T.B.D.
    • Please begin your college research now using OCAS’ official tool here
  • University application information is now available here


We are pleased to announced that Ancaster High students Lindsay Liu and Victoria Lu are our Peer Tutoring presidents this year! Lindsay and Victoria have developed a database of tutors and is taking requests from students who need virtual academic support.

  • Click here if you need a virtual tutor (you may need to be logged into The Hub)
  • Click here if you are interested in tutoring someone else in exchange for Community Involvement Hours (you may need to be logged into The Hub)


Scholarship information is available here.


Mr. R. Varghese, Department Head of Science wishes to pass along a message for our students and families with respect to the year of instruction ahead for his classes during the pandemic. Please see Mr. Varghese’s notes below:

SCH4U1 (Grade 12 University Level Chemistry)
The class will be taught in a synchronous manner.  This will happen both during the in-person time in the mornings and the remote learning classes in the afternoon.  Lessons will be delivered in MS Teams and time will be given to ask questions.  Worksheets will be assigned through the HUB and taken up with time given for students to ask questions.  I am hoping to conduct virtual labs as well as demonstrations to support students in acquiring the necessary lab skills for success in Chemistry.
PSK4U1 (Higher Level I.B. Biology)
Focus will be on building Science skills.  If allowed, we will do our individual lab work.  Students will complete prescribed labs and hand these in for feedback and evaluation.  Time will be given for the individual assessment lab to be sent to the IB.  If labs are not permitted, the class will focus on completing the HL content.
Updated on Thursday, October 01, 2020.
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