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Grade 9

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Students Currently in Grade 8 (Grade 9 by September, 2021)

Current Grade 8 students living within Ancaster High School’s catchment area will be attending one of the following Associate Schools:

    • Ancaster Meadow Elementary School
    • Frank Panabaker Elementary School
    • Mount Hope Public School
    • Tiffany Hills Elementary School

Planning Your Courses for Grade 9

If you are currently attending one of the schools listed above, then you have already received instructions on how to plan your courses for next year. Please click here to review the process or ask your Grade 8 teacher.

*Submitting Your Grade 9 Courses to Ancaster High Using Xello

Career Cruising has been discontinued and replaced with Xello. Students access Xello through the Hub only. Please ask your Grade 8 teacher for help finding Xello.

Tips on Submitting Your Grade 9 Courses Using Xello’s Course Planner

  1. Please watch the instruction video on how to use the Course Planner here
  2. Download Ancaster High’s resource guide with screenshots here

Grade 9 in September for Students Living in Our Catchment Area but Not Attending an Associate School

Students living in the Ancaster High School Catchment Area, but not attending an Associate School must follow this process to register and submit courses. More details are here.

Grade 9 in September for Students Not Living in Our Catchment Area

The Board has not yet determined if Ancaster High School is open or closed to out-of-catchment applications for the 2021-2022 school year. Please check the Board’s out-of-catchment website for their decision and for the process to follow if we are indeed open.

Grade 9 Math is Now De-streamed

Please review the new Math Pathway Chart. All students now have only two choices for math in Grade 9:

  • MAT1L1 – Locally Developed Math. This course is designed for students who are not currently meeting the expectations of Grade 8 Math
  • MTH1W1 – Mathematics. This is now the only Grade 9 math available to students, unless their teacher has recommended them for MAT1L1. This course now replaces:
    • MFM1P1 – Foundations of Mathematics (Grade 9 Applied)
    • MPM1D1 – Principles of Mathematics (Grade 9 Academic)
    • MPM1D1E – Enriched Mathematics
Updated on Wednesday, April 21, 2021.
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