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HWDSB Building

Grade 11

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Students Currently in Grade 10 (Grade 11 by September, 2021)

Students are asked to follow the steps below to plan and submit their courses to us for Grade 11 next year:

  1. Download the Course Option Sheet here
  2. Watch the  Grade 11 video here
  3. Review course descriptions and course pre-requisites here
  4. Download a copy of written instructions here
  5. Plan Grade 11 courses and then enter them into Xello
    1. Please watch the instruction video on how to use the Course Planner here
    2. Download Ancaster High’s resource guide with screenshots here
  6. Check the Parent Portal in late March/early April to make sure that your submitted courses were received by the school correctly

NOTE: Students interested in our Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) programs should see their Guidance Counsellor for special registration information.

Special Programs

Students outside the Ancaster High School catchment area have permission to attend our school, regardless of our status (open or closed) if interested in one of our special programs:

Updated on Thursday, February 18, 2021.
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