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Welcome Back

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Welcome Back

Welcome back to all our staff and students as we start the 2018-1019 academic year.  If you have a student (or are a student) in one of our programs, you can reach us at:

System Alternative Education (SAE) Programs

  • Main Office, Hill Park SAE, and Hill Park Gateway  (all located at the Hill Park Learning Centre): 905-383-5111 x4581
  • SAE King William site & King William Gateway : 905-526-9337
  • SAE James Street site 905-527-2129
  • SAE Turning Point site: 905-512-2573
  • NuSteel: 905-524-2415
  • SHAE: 905-548-9593

Care, Treatment, Custody & Correctional (CTCC) Programs

  • Main Office & (located at the Hill Park Learning Centre): 905-318-1883 x4782
  • Supervised Alternative Learning (SAL): 905-318-1883 x4782

All the best for a great school year!

Updated on Wednesday, September 12, 2018.
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