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Adelaide Hoodless

School Council

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School councils have a legislated role at their schools and are there to ensure the best possible education for students. Our school councils are comprised of democratically elected representatives of our parent community. Learn more about school council roles and responsibilities. Together school councils:

  • Focus on student learning and the best interest of all students
  • Provide a forum through which parents and other members of the school communities can contribute to improving student achievement and school performance
  • Make recommendations to the school principal and the Board on any matter they see impacting accountability and academic excellence
  • Serve as a communication and information channel between the school and community

Current Adelaide Hoodless school council chairs:


School council can be reached at adelaidehoodlessSC@hwdsb.on.ca.

School Council Agendas & Minutes

2019-20 School Year


Updated on Wednesday, October 30, 2019.
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