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Investing in Programs

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Revitalizing facilities is an important part of the implementation of HWDSB’s secondary program strategy.  The decision to close a number of secondary schools will allow funds to be redirected from the maintenance of underutilized facilities to the renewal of the remaining schools.  The program strategy and facility renewal is inextricably linked.  Facilities Management is required to integrate the program plan into its planning cycle.

Many of the proposed Tier 3 programs can be accommodated in the specialized classroom spaces already existing in our schools or part of the design and construction of our new schools. However, the preliminary estimate for upgrades and renovations to provide new infrastructure for Tier 3 programs at existing secondary schools is approximately $5 million dollars. This estimate is subject to change after field visits and final designs are completed.  Implementation timelines must also be considered.

Funding sources available to HWDSB to implement the program strategy include School Renewal Grants (SRG) and Proceeds of Disposition (POD).  As summarized in the February 11, 2013 Committee of the Whole report entitled “Strategy in Response to Capital Funding,” a portion of the surplus funds identified in the Board-approved cash flow analysis (approximately $12.6 million) could be used to fund the program strategy.

Updated on Wednesday, July 03, 2013.
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