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Program Strategy

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HWDSB is making important changes to what we offer, where it’s offered and how we can best help students reach their goals in great schools.


The HWDSB Secondary Program Strategy has a vision.

  • All secondary schools will be great schools
  • Students will have choice within their local schools
  • Expanded access for students looking for specialized programs
  • All students achieving and graduating in HWDSB

“We want all of our secondary schools to be great schools, where students have choice, support and success within their local school communities,” said Director of Education Dr. John Malloy.

The strategy is the second step of a big change at HWDSB. Step one was the accommodation review process. In this, we heard from our community and made Board decisions on school closures. In 2016, we will have 13 high schools instead of 18. Closing underused schools will renew remaining school buildings, balance school populations and course selection, and will make every HWDSB school a great school.

Step two is the program strategy. It will look at how we deliver programs in our remaining secondary schools. We heard from hundreds of our students at the Director’s Student Voice Forums this year about what creates a great school. We want each student to find what they need for success in their local school. We want every school to support and value each pathway after graduation – apprenticeship, college, community, university and work. We want all students to find what they need in every one of our schools.

Some programs are of interest to few students at a limited number of schools sites. These require specialized facilities, equipment or funding. The proposed strategy would see students receive transportation to these programs. Tier 3 programs will be located based on infrastructure already within a school, the goal of balanced enrolment across schools and the goal of even distribution of specialities across the system.

We held 13 public meetings in April and May, 2013 to explain plans for each of the remaining schools. We also conducted an online survey to gather input on the Program Strategy. Feedback makes our strategy better.

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Updated on Wednesday, November 16, 2016.
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