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Support for Staff

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Supporting all staff will be essential as school re-opens and the 2020-21 school year begins. To help staff in addressing the challenges posed by these unique public health circumstances, we are holding readiness training through: 

  • three professional activity days scheduled prior to students’ first day;  
  • regularly scheduled school staff meetings in the fall; and 
  • a host of professional learning opportunities (both during the summer and in the first weeks of the school year).  

Feedback from parents/guardians/caregivers and staff based on the experience of remote learning during the school closure period, has led to: 

  • The standardization of digital learning platforms.  
    • The Hub (Brightspace by D2L) with MS Teams will be utilized and supported for remote learning. Throughout the spring and summer over 2400 educators received training on using The Hub and nearly all educators have received some form of training on using MS Teams with students. 
  • Remote/blended learning supports.  
    • Self-paced, online learning modules have been developed to support the delivery of remote/blended learning. 
  • Remote/blended learning supports for curriculum areas that are typically more hands-on (e.g. The Arts, Health and Physical Education, Technological Studies).  
    • Guidelines for the safe and effective delivery of enhanced remote learning, including the use of non-digital resources. 
  • Enhanced resources and content.  
    • Leveraging partnerships and accessing vendors to widen the scope of content available for educators. 
  • Ongoing learning for educators.  
    • A variety of supports during the first 6 weeks of school focussed on engaging students that are learning remotely. 
Updated on Tuesday, July 28, 2020.
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