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Student Mental Health and Well-Being

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HWDSB has worked closely with partners and continues to develop resources and establish programs to support all students as they transition back to school in the fall regardless of the delivery scenario.  

Summer learning by staff to help with emotion coaching and mental health literacy is taking place. Throughout September, schools will be supported with the implementation of these strategies including 30 Lessons in 30 Days to be delivered to all students. The goals of this learning are to: 

  • build a community of care in every classroom; 
  • support students and staff as they adapt to new ways of working and learning together; 
  • build trusting relationships (student/staff and student/student); 
  • keep students and staff safe, physically, emotionally, culturally and socially; and 
  • create a foundation for deeper conversations and learning throughout the school year. 

More specific, targeted supports will also be available such as:  

  • Information sessions for students/families focussing on skill building to successfully manage the return to in-person school attendance and  
  • Group sessions will be offered for those students/families who require more intensive support in the areas of anxiety, mood, transitions, activation and readiness for treatment.  
  • Individualized support will be available to students and families who require that level of intensive support through mental health professionals employed by the Board and through pathways to services in the community.
Updated on Tuesday, July 28, 2020.
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