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Asymptomatic Testing in HWDSB schools

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Update (June 6): With the announcement that we will continue remote learning for the remainder of the year, there will be no additional school-based asymptomatic clinics occurring in June. Asymptomatic testing will continue to be available at pharmacies across the province. 

HWDSB, in partnership with Hamilton Public Health Services, support voluntary testing of asymptomatic students and staff in Hamilton. Based on guidance of the local health authority, testing will take place at select schools in our district.

Asymptomatic testing will make it easier to track and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in schools. It may also inform public health decisions and help to manage outbreaks. In some situations, additional testing will be offered outside of the scheduled asymptomatic testing clinics. Hamilton Public Health Services (HPHS) helps us determine when additional testing would be beneficial including whether it is necessary during an outbreak. 

Upcoming Voluntary Asymptomatic Testing

  • to be determined

Students and staff from those school communities will be invited to participate in the testing.


COVID-19 Testing in schools can help protect students and their families, teachers, staff, and the broader community and slow the spread of the virus. The molecular COVID-19 swab test uses polymerase chain reaction (PCR)/nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT) technology to detect genetic information from the virus. If present, it indicates an active infection. LifeLabs is offering PCT/NAAT swab testing in schools in order to screen for and slow the spread of COVID-19. LifeLabs requires consent: English_ConsentSign Consent (signature line); French_Consent (signature line)

Additional resources: 


  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ontario Health
  • Hamilton Public Health Services

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Updated on Thursday, June 03, 2021.
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