Complainant and Respondent meet independently

If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable meeting privately with the individual you can discuss alternatives with your principal/supervisor.

Informal Resolution Process

This step is mandatory for all conflicts.

Complaint Filed - Threshold Assessment

A threshold assessment is conducted to determine if the alleged conduct would meet the definition of objectionable behaviour.

Safe Schools or Harrassment & Discrimination

If the complaint relates to other Board Policies/Directives and Legislation it will be addressed using those guidelines.

Frivolous or Vexatious Complaint

This can lead to discontinuation of the process. See Sections 6.0 and 7.0 of the policy directive.

Formal Resolution Process

The formal investigation may be held in abeyance if the parties voluntarily agree to enter into a mediated resolution process.

Written report with findings and conclusions

All correspondence and documents generated will be stored in a locked and secure file in the Human Resources department.

Review(Appeal) Process

An appeal can be filed within 2 calendar weeks of having received the investigator’s final report. See Section 4.0 of the policy directive.


The final report may be affirmed, amended or a new investigation undertaken based on the outcome of a review of the initial conclusions.