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Last updated on Friday, September 08, 2017.
Head of English:           Assistant Head of English:
Mrs. M. Bower                    Ms.  M. Papalia-Potvin
Department Members:
Mr. C. Brun
Mr. M. Cox
Mrs. J. Grant
Ms. M. Grotke
Ms. H. Harris
Ms. P. Hewak
Mr. J. Miller
Ms. M. Ramson
Ms. J. Shaw
Mrs. R. Younes 
 To provide a base, all three levels of Grade 9 English are designed as “How To” courses:
How to write a paragraph, an essay, a newspaper article etc.. How to write competently. How to take notes. How to read different types of text efficiently. How to deliver interesting and informative oral presentations.
Every course is divided into 20 units with a variety of assignments for individualized learning.  Ours is a self-paced environment, and we are able to build in time for teacher-student conferences and rewrite opportunities.
We encourage students to take pride in their work and to build their skills!

Course Information: