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Last updated on Thursday, September 08, 2016.

Promotional items are good communication tools for HWDSB and its member schools, and they provide endless co-branding opportunities. The logo should never be reproduced in any colour other than that specified in the logo colour section of this Visual Identity Manual. In the case of a pen or pin, the minimum size of the logo would have to be altered to fit these objects.

Approval from the Corporate Communications Department is required.

Pen with HWDSB logo


When schools and departments may be thinking of gifts for staff and volunteers, or promotional items for your event or students, there are some great options at our preferred vendor for your consideration.

Corporate Communications is happy to direct you to our online promotional products store.

Allegra Hamilton is the approved vendor for HWDSB Promotional products and printing needs. Custom orders with your school logo can also be done. 

Please contact:

Michael Taylor
905 528 2999 x 22

Corporate Communications
905-527-5092 x2219

Can’t find what you are looking for?

Please visit Allegra Hamilton’s Online Catalog with several thousand products to choose from.

For questions or comments, contact HWDSB’s Corporate Communications.