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What is the device my child has received?

Answer: Your child has received an Apple iPad Mini.

Does this device belong to my child?

Answer: No, the device belongs to Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board. Just like any textbook or other learning tool the Board supplies, your student is expected to keep it clean, have it ready when needed in the classroom, and return it at the end of the school year. It is important your child charges their iPad every night so it is ready to use the next day.

Your child’s iPad will also be collected during school holidays so we can do regular maintenance on the device to make sure it is always working for your child to learn.

Who is able to reset the defaults for the iPad?

The IIT technician for the school is able to reset the iPad back to its default settings. If the device has been lost or stolen, this can be done remotely in order to ensure the privacy of information on the iPad. If the device has been tampered with and requires a refresh, the IIT technician for the school will refresh the device during one of their regularly scheduled visits, and set the device back up to the default settings. If you feel your child’s device needs to be reset, speak with the teacher, who can make the necessary arrangements with the technician.

How can I learn more about using the device my child has received?

Answer: Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board is developing new educational offerings for parents to learn more about the device their child is using in school. We know how important it is for parents to understand, encourage, and help their child with their schoolwork.

Some of these educational sessions will be offered at your child’s school, while others will be available online. Information about these sessions will be shared through your school’s principal and school council.

What are “apps” and do I have to buy them for my child?

Answer: “Apps” are the programs that enable your child’s device to do things. Apps may be developed by the company that develops the device, or they may be developed by independent developers. Apps can be developed by anyone with a knowledge of writing programs.

Parents do not need to buy any apps, or enter credit card information so that your child can use their device. All the apps that your child needs for classroom learning are available for them to download in our “App Catalogue”. If additional apps are needed to do new or different things in class, your child’s teacher will instruct them on how to load the app onto the student’s device from our App Catalogue.

Loading music, games, and other apps to your child’s device may distract them from their schoolwork, and the HWDSB cannot be responsible for the cost or content of any app that is downloaded to your child’s device.