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Last updated on Friday, October 11, 2013.

Employee Web Portal

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My Workplace Online!

No longer will you have to visit the website for pay information, or the intranet for an administrative memo, or FirstClass to buy or sell items to colleagues. Imagine all this information, and more, stored in one location that is organized and user friendly.

my.hwdsb.on.ca features information about/from:

  • Departments
  • Staff Directories
  • Profiling Excellence
  • Human Resources
  • Training and In-Services
  • Healthy Workplace
  • Resources
  • New features for staff collaboration

To learn more about myHWDSB, please watch this short introductory video.

my.hwdsb.on.ca Login Instructions


  1. Open Internet Explorer (All features of the Portal work best with Internet Explorer.)
  2. Type: http://my.hwdsb.on.ca in the address bar or click here.
  3. Enter your individual username preceded by hwdsb\
    • Example Username (same as how you login into your computer): hwdsb\yourusername
    • Enter your password (same as how you login into your computer) yourpassword
  4. Click OK