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McCrory’s Musings – Reflections, Updates, Events, and News

Last updated on Friday, October 13, 2017.

OctImage result for character who you are when no one's lookingober 13, 2017

We will be sending home order forms next week for pink “Kindness” shirts. I am encouraging families to order them to serve as a visual reminder of our efforts to make Spencer Valley a kind and caring school where we all belong and feel safe. Orders will be handed out during anti-bullying week in November.

As we grow into our new school, it is important for students to practice kindness towards each other. This weekend, please have a conversation with your children about supporting each other and treating each other with kindness as the guide. We have great capable students but lately we need reminders about interacting with peers  during nutrition breaks and on our buses.

In other news, congratulations to Sage S and Avrick G on becoming our Student Senate representatives for HWDSB. We look forward to hearing about their participation in monthly meetings at the HWDSB Education Centre.

Does your child’s class use SeeSaw or Bloomz? These apps provide an easy way to stay updated on what is going on in the classroom. I would highly recommend joining the class group if one has been created (some teachers may use other forms of communication as well).  Our parent council will be adding a Bloomz group to keep us all updated on events and issues.

Upcoming Event Alert:

November 9th – Throwback Thursday Family Dance Party! Mark your calendars, details to come. Fun for all.


October 15, 2017

Despite the rain on Friday, we were able to get much of our Terry Fox run done. Thank you to all our volunteers including Mrs. Watson and Madame Fracasso! Thank you to Mr. Bader for being the pace keeper with his biking skills.

Upcoming Events:

  • Parent Council October 2nd – 6:30 PM (all welcome)
  • Volleyball practices continue
  • Concert Band practices continue
  • Picture day October 4th
  • First Pizza Day October 6th (cheese only)


September 23, 2017

Out open house this past Thursday was a huge success. Students were so excited to show off their classrooms and other learning spaces to family and friends. Congratulations to our grade 8 students who raised over $800 to support hurricane damaged areas. Students have been showing interest by tracking hurricanes and other natural disasters  in the 7/8A classroom. Next week we will be looking forward to our school wide Terry Fox run. Our kick off assembly on Tuesday morning will help students reconnect with Terry’s story and mission.


September 15, 2017

Hello Families,

Tonight you should have some very tired children in your house! After being washed out back in June, today we finally got our play day. Thank you to all the grade 8 students who created games, lead activities, and guided groups. I also want to thank Mr. Merriam for making sure all our staff knew where to go and helped troubleshoot issues and planning.

My reflection this week is about teamwork. Everywhere I go in the school I see evidence of people working together. I am so pleased with the way two groups of students, two staff teams, and two communities have come together. Heading into week three, our school feels like home to our little ones and our older students have new opportunities to show their leadership.  We have proven that although change can be scary, we can work together to support each other and get through challenging times. I know our families are an important part of our transition.

There are lots of things going on in the school. This week, we received our basketball net, school TV in the hallway, and bike rack. Perhaps you might think about joining our parent council by coming to our meeting on Monday September 18th (6:30), your involvement in our school makes it more engaging for our children. Swim club will be starting in October for grades 3-5, Concert Band will be practicing starting next week, and our three pitch tournaments are ready to roll. Please take the time to register for any electronic update platforms that your teachers are using to keep you informed of things happening in and around the school.

Have a great weekend everyone, let’s get out and enjoy the sunshine while we can.



Welcome back to school – not school as we knew it before, but a new K-8 Spencer Valley. So much planning, cooperation, and of course hard work went into getting us here. Special thanks to the HWDSB facilities staff who coordinated the many layers of renovations and projects behind the scenes, our fantastic caretakers who worked to get our building ready for students, and of course our teachers who worked throughout the summer to set up classrooms and make SV a fantastic place to learn and grow.

It has been busy setting up new routines and processes. Thank you for your cooperation as we work through issues.

Upcoming dates:

Boo Hoo Breakfast – September 15, 8:30 AM all Kindergarten parents and anyone interested in volunteering is welcome

Get Acquainted Day (lead by grade 8 students) – September 15th PM (activities and fun for students)

Parent Council nominations forms due by September 15th

Parent Council Elections meeting September 18

3-Pitch: Sr. Boys Sept. 18, Jr. Boys Sept. 19, Sr. Girls Sept. 20, Jr. Girls Sept. 21

Meet the teacher – September 21st, 5-6:30

PA Day – September 22nd

Other items:

Bus Issues: Please make sure your child knows which bus route they are on. This helps to speed up our end of day routines and gets everyone safely home. If you are picking up your child and they normally take the bus, please send a note in the agenda.

Parking for events and drop offs: Safety is always a concern at every school. Our parking lot is very busy in the morning and after school and not safe for unattended children. If you are dropping off children and not able to walk them around to the back, it might be safer to drop them off on Old Brock Rd. in line with the back of the school so that they can just walk across the grass. 

Our neighbours have phoned the school to complain about the volume of cars using their driveways to turn and with parking on lawns. Please be courteous when parking and be aware that bylaw can be called if you have parked illegally. Car pool or take the school bus where possible.