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Tech-Enabled Learning at SWO

Last updated on Sunday, December 04, 2016.

At Sir William Osler School we learn in many ways and focus on:

  • personalized, collaborative inquiry-based learning

  • blended learning which means mixing up how we learn individually and together face-to-face and online

  • using technology to enhance how we learn with and from others in our physical and virtual world

In today’s digital-age, students and staff, in fact all of us, leverage mobile devices and technology for learning whether it be to communicate, research, collaborate and access information.

Each SWO classroom is provisioned with technology and our school has wireless access.  Our learning spaces blend face-to-face and online learning in many ways each and every day.

We use many tools to enhance our learning at SWO and it is important to know how to access and login these tools.

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Student Login Page

You will be spending alot of time with your peers and your teachers using these power tools for learning!

SWO is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) school.
With parent consent, you may bring  your own device to school for learning during instructional time.  If you choose to bring your own devices, you are responsible for the care and well-being of the device.  The school is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged devices.

When accessing a device in class, you are to remain focussed on learning!

  • Texts or phone calls are not permitted during instructional time.
  • Devices may be used during lunch for personal reasons only during the last 20 minutes of nutrition break.    
  • Parents are only to text or call you before school, at lunch or after school
  • If there is an emergency or illness, you are to report to the office with the permission of your teacher to contact your parents or a caregiver.

NOTE:  Refrain from accessing your device while travelling in the halls.
NOTE:  No earbuds in when walking in the hallways.

Locker Access before and after gym or fitness class is permitted.

1.  All students may go to their locker before and after gym or fitness class.
2.  Locker access is to allow students to retrieve gym equipment and to secure any electronic devices (phones, ipods, ereaders, tablets, laptops) or valuables.
3.  No electronic / mobile devices are permitted in the changerooms at anytime.
4.  No devices are permitted in pockets during gym or fitness class, on the stage in the gym or on the shelves in the fitness room