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Sir William Osler

Staff Directory

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SCHOOL PHONE NUMBER:   905.628.1588
2017 – 2018   Staff List

Staff Role  Phone Ext/VM
Mrs. Acevedo Learning Resource – Gr. JSK – 5 302 Learning Resource
Mrs. Allan Teacher 112 Homeroom: JSB
Mrs. Cadman Cockburn Office Assistant 222 Office
Mrs. Cameron-Hailes Educational Assistant N/A
Mlle Chiasson Teacher 215 Homeroom: F67A
Mr. Chiniborch Teacher 107 Homeroom: 4A
Mrs. Corbett Teacher 113 Homeroom: JSA
Mr. Dejong Custodian (pm) 225
Mr. Dougherty Teacher 229 Int. Phys. Ed.
Mr. Douglas Teacher 208 Homeroom: 8B
Ms. Fuca Teacher 229 Primary Phys. Ed.
Mr. Gomes Head Custodian 225
Mr. Greenway Teacher 216 Homeroom: 7/8A
Mrs. Grundy ECE 113 Homeroom: JSA
Mrs. Harvey Teacher 105 Homeroom 2A
Mrs. Hobbins Educational Assistant N/A
Mrs. Kavanagh DECE 111 Homeroom: JSC
Mr. Kerman Teacher Homeroom: 2/3A
Mrs. Kortmann Teacher 203 Instrumental Music
Mrs. Kott Teacher 212 Homeroom: 5A
Mme Kucic Teacher 204 Homeroom: F7/8B
Mme Kurtz Vice-Principal 223  Office
Ms. Lagreca Custodian (pm) 225
Mrs. Lebon Teacher 108 Homeroom: 3A
Mrs. Ligas Teacher 213 Homeroom: 6A
Mrs. Linkert Custodian (pm) 225
Mrs. MacKinnon Teacher N/A Prim. Coverage 2A,
Mrs. Montesi Teacher 109 Homeroom: 3/4A
Ms. Neale Principal 224 Office
Ms. Neely Teacher 211 Homeroom: 6C
Ms. Nicolaides Teacher 209 Homeroom: 5B
Mlle O’Neil Teacher 206 Homeroom: 7/8
Ms. Persaud Teacher 104 Homeroom: 1/2A
Mrs. Pluim Educational Assistant N/A
Mr. Potichnyj Teacher 210 Homeroom: 8A
Mrs. Redgers Teacher 106 Homeroom: 1A
Mrs. Rice Educational Assistant N/A
Mrs. Robar Learning Resource – Gr. 6 – 8 101 Learning Resource
Mrs. Rogers Teacher 205 Homeroom: F6D
Mrs. Rosenblatt Teacher 111 Homeroom: JSC
Ms. Schwendiman LTO Teacher 402 (vm only) Intermediate Core French
Mr. Smith Teacher 201 / 220  Homeroom: 7A
Ms. Sproule Educational Assistant N/A
Mrs. Sutherland Educational Assistant N/A
Mrs. Tofano-Howson Early Childhood Educator 112 Homeroom: JSB
Mr. Venema Teacher 207 Homeroom: 7B
Mrs. Villeneuve Office Administrator 221 Office
Mrs. Whillier Teacher 115 Homeroom: MI6C
Mr. Widdup Teacher 214 Homeroom: 6B
Ms. Young Teacher 401 (vm only) Jr Core French


Updated on Tuesday, May 29, 2018.
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