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Last updated on Friday, August 05, 2016.

Let’s Stay Connected @SWO!

Our Admin team in the office to assist in your questions are Mrs. Wojtasik and Ms. Cadman Cockburn. We all can be reached at 905.628.1588 or e-mail

Here’s how to reach us via e-mail or phone:
CLICK on the staff member’s name and their contact information.

How will the staff communicate school wide announcements and information be shared?
SWO School Website:

All announcements, flyers, updates, facts, stories and news items will be posted in a timely way on our SWO School website. Be sure to check it regularly, there are lots of news items!

Subscribe to the SWO website! Using your e-mail address
Once subscribed, you will then receive a notification via e-mail with a link that a news item has been posted.

Follow us on Twitter: @SWO_HWDSB
Short bursts of information, reminders and happenings are shared via our school twitter account.

Synervoice Messages:
This is our automated calling system that informs you and your parents of the following:

-Student Absences (unexplained)
-Important phone messages or events as determined by the school & at times messages from HWDSB.

How will teachers communicate messages and information to you and your parent / caregiver?

Both students and teachers class share information and messages throughout the school day. Sometimes class messages and sometimes individual messages. Active listening is key!

Teacher Blogs
Teachers post daily / weekly communications, reflections and updates connected to specific subject programs and happenings at SWO. Check our Staff section on our website for a comprehensive list of links to teacher blogs.

Teachers can be reached via e-mail. They may e-mail your parents / caregivers as well.

Phone Calls
Teachers may phone home as required to your parents / caregivers.

Teachers may utilize the agenda as a daily communication tool to your parents / caregivers.