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Bomb Threat Awareness

Last updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2017

At HWDSB, we believe all students and staff have the right to learn and work in a safe environment. To do that, it is important that everyone is aware of our Safe Schools policy and procedures to help reduce the risk of harm to students, staff, visitors and facility users in the event of a violent or serious incident.

HWDSB and Hamilton Police Service (HPS) recently updated the procedure for responding to bomb threats. If you or your child become aware of a bomb threat, please contact the Principal immediately. If the Principal can’t be reached, call 911. The Principal will work with HPS to assess the situation and follow procedures outlined in the Hamilton Police/School Board Protocol.

All schools have emergency/crisis response plans in place. Schools regularly practice drills to address any emergency situations that might arise. Families can help support these procedures by reinforcing a student’s responsibility to follow directions during a crisis and refrain from contacting their child’s cellphone during a crisis situation. This will allow communication lines to remain clear during a serious event. Families are also reminded to ensure their child’s contact information is updated in the event of an emergency.

By working together, we will continue to keep our schools safe. If you have any questions about school safety, please connect with your school Principal.